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Failed my rehire interview am I blacklisted?

Explorer C

So I previously worked as a ramp agent for southwest airlines for 5 years but I had to resign due to medical reasons (Epilepsy)/nearly pointing out,  so I took a couple years off decided to reapply, did the interview last week which did NOT go well because I was extremely anxious and my mind went blank due to over thinking, also my medical condition makes my memory very blurry causing me to forget the most basic words so I bombed it pretty badly, but I was a bit confident with my 5 years of experience in ramp for this company. Yesterday I received an email telling me I wasn't chosen for this position and I feel extremely horrible about myself, so my question is, can I reapply again? Or am I considered black listed? Since I worked for this company for quite some time and my answer's sounded very inaccurate, has this happened to anyone before? Can't stop stressing about it.