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Flight Attendant application still pending ?

Explorer C

I applied for a position as a flight Attendant back  in 9/23/21. Then was sent two Vaccination status emails on 10/5 and 10/ 7 which I completed. But never heard anything about my application or status. I heard of two other applicants that have already received emails for setting up interviews or have already interviewed a while back on the same job posting. How can I know if I'm still being considered for this position ? I have applied a few years back and I can never seem to get past this certain point. 


Re: Flight Attendant application still pending ?


Thanks for reaching out, and your interest! We received many thousands of applications for the Flight Attendant position, and we review the submissions in the order they were received. So even if another applicant applied only a few minutes before you did, there could be hundreds or thousands of applicants between you and them. We'd love to get to everyone faster, and our Recruiters are doing their utmost to interview as many Candidates as possible. Please know we'll let you know via email when we're ready with the next steps, but I apologize for any anxiety or worry this has caused! Good luck with your application! 

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Re: Flight Attendant application still pending ?

Explorer C

Hi I applied for Flight Attendant position on 09/23/2021, I have not heard back yet, when do you think I may here back?


Sonja Nissen