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Flight Attendant pending position

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Dear all,


I was in FLIGHT ATTENDANT class 343 from May 23rd 2016, but suddenly, I had to quit and get back home to assist my sick father and stay close to my family in his last moments. While I was in Dallas, the training coordinator, Mr. Larry Parring helped me so much in that awful moments and of course told me to remain in contact with you for later training classes. 


After that I've been put in "under review" position.


I've missed the deadline for the application (I was becoming American Citizen yesterday Feb 9th), but actually, I've already been shortlisted and I passed all the steps of selection for Flight Attendant position in 2016.


Is there any chance to be considered for the next classes when you'll finished all the interviews?


Thank you for your attention and for any attention and consideration.




Re: Flight Attendant pending position


Hi @gegeste,


Thank you for your question. We genuinely appreciate your desire to work for Southwest Airlines!


In order to remain consistent in our hiring practices and to be fair to all applicants, we are unable to accept an application after a position has closed. If you’ve got a specific career in mind and want to keep an eye on those opportunities, we suggest signing up for a job alert visit


We LUV knowing of your interest in Southwest, and we encourage you to continue watching our website for future openings!



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Re: Flight Attendant pending position

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Thank you Kelby for your reply,


you've been very kind, in perfect SW style.


My question was different though. I dont' want to apply for the position of Flight Attendant, I've already done it, I've already passed all the selections, and I started the training in 2016 with class 343.


It's little bit more complicated that what it seem. I quit for serious family reasons, at that time, but my profile was approved by everybody in the recruitment chain though, so I wonder if there is a chance to open your files and check if I'm still there, somewhere, and start over the training in the next class. That's it.


I don't wanna bother you further, and thank you in any case for your kindly attention.

My best regards


Graziano Egeste