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Job inquiry question

New Arrival

Hi! I have been wanting to work for Southwest for awhile now.  I see that there is a customer service agent position open in Austin Texas. I am from New York City and would relocate for this position. Is this position only opened to residents of Texas? 


Re: Job inquiry question

Rising Star



I just looked at the careers site and don't see the position posted for Austin TX however I may have skipped over it or they may have closed the position for further applications. 


I did look at a customer service agent position in SLC and it said you must be a resident of Utah so my guess is for the Austin position it would be the same case must be a resident of Texas but the best way to find out is to click on the job your interested in on the southwest careers website and it will give you all the job qualifications you would need to meet (must have high school diploma/GED, must live in certain state or town, etc.) it will also tell you the job responsibilities. 


Hope this helps