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A Question on Weather Delays

New Arrival

Hello! So this upcoming Monday, I'll be flying Southwest out of Bradley International, and I've been keeping a close eye on the weather since it can get pretty bad in New England around this time. This is the weather forcast for the day I fly from AccuWeather:


RealFeel® 34°
Precipitation 72%

Snow and rain at times
* N 6 mph
* Gusts: 9 mph
* Thunderstorms: 0%
* Precipitation: 0.47 in
* Rain: 0.39 in
* Snow: 0.8 in
* Ice: 0 in
* Hours of Precipitation: 5.5 hrs
* Hours of Rain: 5 hrs


Now, I'm worrying about the weather a bit more than I thought I would (just because we spent a lot of money on our trip), but would this type of weather cause any sort of delays? I'm thinking there most likely won't be any delays, but I just wanted to hear feedback from others who've also flown in similar weather as the snow and rain combination is worrying me.


Thank you!


Re: A Question on Weather Delays

Rising Star

Welcome to the community!


So if it is heavy snow then yes flights can be delayed for deicing and depending on the number of planes it could take some time. 


I flew from Orlando to Houston but our inbound flight was coming from Denver and it has a 45min taxi when usually it is about 10-15min so we ended up with a 20min delay out of Orlando. 


My recomendation is IS to watch your flight status online and if it gets delayed over and hour or delayed enough where it could mess with your connection I would call 1800-435-9792 and they might be able to make a change free with no fare difference rather than you waiting in line at the airport behind tons of people. Another thing I do in the winter I give myself the 2 hour or longer layovers if I can't get a nonstop flight to allow for delays since the airline won't pay me if a connection is missed due to weather.


hope this helps and if you have any further questions feel free to message me and I would be glad to help you


Happy Travels



Re: A Question on Weather Delays

Rising Star



Sign up for Flight Status Notifications up to 4 hr before your flight @ 

With a little investigating if you can figure out where the plane is starting it's day you can track it @  


Good Luck!!