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Cancelled flight retribution

Explorer C

I travel a lot. Almost exclusively SWA. An unacceptable number of my flights are cancelled each year. It is very troubling when my flight is cancelled only to have the gate agent give me attitude instead of I'm sorry and I'll try to help you. I have an idea that may be a win-win. Keep track of cancellations and do a favor for those people inconvenienced by the cancellation. For example- in my case, I sometimes end up trying to get home earlier because my business wrapped up earlier. Instead of making me pay the fare difference, how about allowing me a trip home early if there are seats available without adding on extra charges simply because those are the rules? I can only do this for as many cancellations as I experience, and they expire every year. That beats the heck out of the same day standby service that doesn't work. Sure is a great advertising gimick though.

I hope SWA will consider the idea seriously.

Mike Mitchell- Los Angeles