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Flight cancelled by Southwest not refunded to customer

Explorer C

Hi everyone,


We are a small business that manages corporate entertainment and we nearly exclusively use Southwest to fly our performers.


We had a flight booked from New Orleans to Philadelphia for one of our performers that was cancelled at the last minute by Southwest which caused panic as our business relies upon having the booked performers show up and perform as contracted.


There were no flights available from Southwest to get the performer in time for event, so we had to book a flight on United Airlines. The difference in fare is $334.72.


After speaking with the 800 number, they have processed a refund on the original SW fare, but are refusing to pay difference in airfare. Again, the difference is only $334.72. This is more than the profit we would have made on this event after paying our vendors.


This difference should also not be covered by our end client because Southwest wasn't able to provide the service they were hired for.


Southwest's decision to not cover the difference is causing our small business a net loss on this event, and is causing a loss in faith for Southwest to provide a service with the idea that using Southwest will cause losses to our company or other small businesses.


Re: Flight cancelled by Southwest not refunded to customer

Aviator A

Unfortunately, Southwest's Contract of Carriage only says that, in the event they cancel a flight, they will 1) reaccommodate the passenger on the next flight with an available seat, or 2) refund the fare. Except in very rare situations (ie a system-wide IT meltdown, for example) Southwest doesn't reimburse for alternate travel expenses.