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Help booking connection through a specific airport- HOW TO DO IT???

Adventurer A

How can I set up my connection in a city where I need to meet another traveler.


For example, my child is in Orlando and I am in New York and we're traveling to LA and would like to go together.  I would like to book LGA-LAX with a stop or plane change in MCO and the same MCO-LAX for the college kid.


I can search the route map to see nonstops from MCO but how do I search for flights that I could take from LGA and connect/continue to LAX with my child's MCO departure without booking 2 one way tickets.  The manual process takes forever to check- especially when I try to add in other NY airports and other Cali airports.


I often book trips like this for family and to travel with coworkers and spend a lot of time hunting and pecking.  There HAS TO BE a better way?!?