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Explorer C

I'm planning a summer kayaking trip and need to travel with my boat.  the SWA website indicates kayaks are OK, but sea kayaks are not.  I've called and emailed customer service and gotten very friendly replies with the wikipedia definition of a "sea kayak" which isn't particularly helpful.  Are there any dimensional guidelines?


My boat is not a sea kayak, but is 14 ft long, and I'd hate to find out that it's a problem the day of my trip.






Re: Kayak

Retired Community Manager

Hey Mike, 


I've reached out to a couple different groups to try and get clarification on this for you, and it does seem to be a bit of a head scratcher. Could you send me a private message with a photo of your kayak? That would be helpful, and I'll continue searching for a definitive answer for you. 


Re: Kayak

Explorer C

I need to make reservations and I haven’t gotten a definitive answer - is there anyway to find out for sure?