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Re: Recommended Plan

Aviator A

@johnindallas wrote:

As one other option for tracking unused travel funds, for the past couple of years, I have done all my cancellations via the phone app. When the cancellation is complete and the notification appears on the screen with the record locator number and amount, I take a screen shot then save that photo as a "Favorite."


I can easily look back through my Favorites album and find the unused funds as those screenshots all have green banners on them. Once I use the funds completely, I delete the photo. If there is still a partial balance remaining, I leave the photo until I use it up. 


Another option is to do the screenshot and simply save it in a "SWA Travel Funds" album within my photos. I may do that sometime but just flagging as a Favorite works for now. 


Absent an easy way to display UTFs on the website or app, this has been an alternative for me. 



That's a great idea because going through emails can get annoying or others who do the "try to remember which confirmation number had a credit method" which never really worked well for me and several others I have talked to because I like others have so many changes and cancellations trying to keep up in my head is hard.


i like the southwest folder idea as well. For the remainder credits maybe you could write on the photo if there is a remaining credit same with LUV vouchers. 


Thanks for sharing!


Re: Locating Unused Travel Funds

Explorer B

Yes I have the same question and saw this thread. Did you find out any further info on this? Thanks.