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Lost iPhone on SW#6852

New Arrival

We were the LAST flight from Houston Hobby airport to Denver that evening/morning with the flight arriving at the terminal at 12:20 am on 12-22-2017.


We were seated in the front of the cabin, isle and center seats about row 9 on the right side of the cabin on a full flight.  We quickly caught the tram to collect our baggage at baggage claim where the conversation came up about the iPhone left in the seat back on the plane.  Immediately walked into the office at the baggage claim area and told staff what had happend, and was told that we could not go back to the plane and that it would have been locked up and that the phone would probably be found by the cleaning crew in the morning and that wee should file an online claim.

I did file an online claim and even updated report with serial number and picture. 


To date, there has been no contact regarding the lost iPhone.


I thought these airline companine hire personnel to clear the cabins of these planes or if they do clean the there a large amout of theft from the employees hired?


Re: Lost iPhone on SW#6852

Active Member

Dear jbansal

Sorry to hear of the misplaced device... I hope it finds the way back to you. Your details are great and filing the claim is the correct next step. I left my Boise headphones with 300 dollars of rei gift cards in the case on a flight to phx -- I filed the claim, got an email the claim was accepted with a number, swa  got back with me two days later informing me of how to have my items sent to my home. Even the gift cards which is like returning cash!


 I inquired how to thank an employee -- the answer was ' you have by allowing us to care for you -- this is all of us at swa..'. So now to pay it back I check the seat back pockets around me on each flight -- hoping to help another and share the LUV.