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Refund of flight that was cancelled?

Explorer C

Our outbound flight was cancelled due to weather, therefore we had no need to a return flight.  We booked a Wanna Getaway flight.  Is it possible to get a refund for this? 


Thank you! 


Re: Refund of flight that was cancelled?

Aviator A

Yes. You should call customer relations at 1-855-234-4654 and request a refund for both legs. (The default is that the flights are held as travel funds, but since Southwest cancelled you are due a refund.)

Re: Refund of flight that was cancelled?

Explorer C

Just be sure you get the full refund.  When our return flights were cancelled due to weather and I called to get a refund, only a partial refund was offered both for my paid flight and for my husband's flight which we used points for.  After spending 1.5 hours on the phone to get the refund, it was kind of annoying that I then had to either call another number and hold or email and wait for a reply.  I did receive a reply email with a number to call which was answered in a very timely manner and they were able to fix the problem and give us our full refund in money and points.

I would have rather had an opportunity to rebook our flight by maybe flying into a different city and then flying home when the weather permitted rather than being told I would have to stay where I was for 6 days before they could fly us home.  That was not possible as it was a "perfect storm" on both coasts, blizzard on the east coast and a huge conference on the west coast which meant there was not a hotel room to be found so we couldn't stay.  

I had to spend over $1,100 to fly us both home on another airline that when the first flight was cancelled, they did reroute to another city first and then we were able to get home the next day. for a total of 2 days rather than 6.  I wish that had been the case with Southwest so I didn't have to spend that amount of money for a one way flight, which put a damper on everything.