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SW Cancellation

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Hi All,


If SW cancels my flight, how does that work?  Do they work at rescheduling us or do we do that ourselves?  Cruising out of LA and won't have much time to redirect if SW doesn't do it for us.


Thank you,




Re: SW Cancellation

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I've never had this problem but my understanding is they'll try to rebook at the next available flight. One time I was in San Francisco and my flight out of SFO was delayed by several hours due to 2 runways were closed. They helped me get on an earlier flight out of Oakland Airport.


So if they helped me on a delayed flight, I'm sure they'll definitely help on a cancellation.

Re: SW Cancellation

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I just had a flight cancelled so I rebooked myself online after I received the cancellation message.  I tried to call but the wait time was extremely long.  

Re: SW Cancellation

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If your flight is cancelled and your at the airport you can see a customer service agent at the airport. You can also call reservations at 800-435-9792 with the current weather it could be a long hold just be patient. 


You might be able to reach out to Southwest on Twitter in a DM and they might be able to help but that will take time as they get a lot of messages. 


Hope your flight goes as planned without a cancellation!


Re: SW Cancellation

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If your flight is cancelled and you are at home, usually you’ll get either text/email/call alerts based on your preferences. There is usually a link to go online and rebook yourself, which is the easiest way to find a new flight. You also won’t have to go to the airport. If there aren’t any acceptable flights, try researching other nearby airports to see if you can get a flight out of there. While you might not be able to book it online without fees, you can call the reservations line and they’ll likely waive any change/fare differences to accommodate you.


If you are already at the airport, it’s probably best to go and talk with customer service face to face. They can usually offer the most help looking up alternative options or flights out of nearby airports. If you checked a bag and are in the terminal, you’ll want to work out where you need to go to retrieve it too. 


Calling reservations over the phone is an option too, but you can expect longer waits if there are a lot of cancellations. That’s why I prefer the above options to just calling them directly. Plus if you can scope out what is available online, you can have a better idea of what your options are before you talk to someone.