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Southwest hotel booking Scam

Explorer C

I booked a Room at Aria Resort in Las Vegas,   I booked the reservation through Southwest Hotels on 11/27/23 with free cancellation by 1/17/24. I was told SW uses, however on my credit card the charge is listed as RTI*SWHotels. I was charged $6,420.17 immediately. I never received email confirmation and I needed to cancel reservations during their free cancelation period. It's impossible to cancel the reservation through without a confirmation number and pin number that would have been on the confirmation email, but I never received it. I called SW airlines who said I must talk to I called and emailed multiple times, however they will not help without confirmation number and pin number. They cannot even send me a confirmation email (so I can get the numbers) without me providing them the numbers first! I have spent hours working on trying to get my reservation canceled through and my credit. I did call the hotel and they noted I called to cancel during the free cancellation period, however they can't issue a credit, that has to come from This is beyond frustrating.


Re: Southwest hotel booking Scam

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