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Traveling with a Large Service Animal

Explorer C



We just went through a horrible flight experience on American Airlines with my large Service Animal. I have flown on Southwest many times in my 13 years of having a Service Animal and we would like to use your airline Friday to fly to California with my whole family. 


1. I hope that you are able to accommodate all 6 of my legs (Great Dane)

2. The Service Animal community would like a review and photos of the experience due to the positive experiences I have had before and I am happy to share however wanted your permission as well. I believe it would benefit the community of individuals who depend on Service Animals to know that there is an airline that welcomes them and provides reasonable accommodations. 


I will wait to hear back before posting anything and hope to hear from your department soon. 


-Bunny Young and Guinness the Service DoIMG951994.jpg2018052595161112.jpg


Re: Traveling with a Large Service Animal

Explorer C

I was on a Southwest flight Memorial Day weekend where a passenger had a great dane dog.  They were in the front row and the dog was perfectly calm and slept the entire flight.  On my return flight I sat next to another labrador service dog.  Again, he was good as gold and slept the whole way.  The only unfortunate part was that he apparently had fleas, since I discovered bites when I got home.  I'm sure your dog is also well behaved, but would advise making sure the flea/tick treatment is current to avoid discomfort to the other passengers 😉