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What are your best tips and tricks for traveling with kids?


Traveling with kiddos can be stressful! What is your best advice for traveling with your family?


Re: What are your best tips and tricks for traveling with kids?

Explorer A

Oh, gosh, I have so much to share! Arriving early makes a big difference in my stress level and making sure no one is hungry. And after that, ask for help. From going through the TSA to boarding the plane, plenty of people can offer a hand. I have an adorable photo of my son when he was a baby being held by a flight attendant.


Carry-on essentials include snacks, water, wipes, an extra jacket to use as a blanket or if someone gets cold, a charged tablet & headphones, a comfort item like a favorite stuffy, and a surprise new activity or toy, depending on the kid's age.

You've got this! ✈️❤️

Re: What are your best tips and tricks for traveling with kids?

Explorer B

I’ve navigated the world of traveling with a baby/toddler over the past two years! Our almost 2 year old, James, has been to 19 states, so I feel like I’ve picked up some good tips!


Here are some of my best tips for traveling with babies:
● Pick morning flight times or flight times that work with nap schedule. When James was younger, I picked flights that coincided with his nap since the plane would lull him to sleep. But now that he’s older, I try to pick flights when he’s awake since now he just wants to explore and look at everything.
● Bring lots of snacks and entertainment. New toys or toys that they only get when they travel are a game changer. I know TV can be a controversial topic when it comes to toddlers, but this has been life-changing for us: we don’t let James watch screens at home... we save that for traveling and when we eat out at restaurants. Since he rarely gets screen time, he sits quietly and is entertained by kids shows for SO long (especially if we put Ms Rachel on).
● If you have a baby, wear them through security so that your hands are free!
● Don’t forget an extra outfit in your diaper bag! I once forgot and majorly regretted it when James had a blow out.