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When Things Look Dire, Positive Things Can Happen

Explorer C

Thank you to Angela Powers, gate agent in Denver at Gate C25 on 6/19/2018 at 5:00pm! My flight to Boston had been canceled due to storms and somehow, I did not receive my travel alerts. I didn't realize this until I checked the screens in the terminal. Angela was so professional as I stood in front of her in utter disbelief. I was shocked to find out that there were no seats on upcoming flights for a 24 hour period!! Immediately I started thinking about where to stay, appointments I would have to cancel etc...I know everyone has there own stories of "importance" but Angela didn't leave me in the lurch and patiently searched the database for some sort of alternative. She found me a flight through Nashville arriving in Boston only about 2 hours later than my original. She was so helpful and supportive of my situation and even ran down to my new gate when I forgot to get my drivers license back. It is rare to find people who go out of there way and I wanted to reach out to her and her teammates to say thank you!


Re: When Things Look Dire, Positive Things Can Happen

Frequent Flyer A

Good job Angela! Once again, Southwest People show what sets Southwest apart from the other airlines.

I'm happy that Angela was able to reaccommodate you so that you arrived only two hours after your original flight. Plus, you were given the opportunity to pick up souvenirs from Nashville for all your friends and family, so "bonus."