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Tourist card for Australian

Explorer C

As we cannot have the Cuban tourist card posted to Australia we will have to buy one in Tampa. We connect from Dallas (on a single SW airlines ticket) and have 85 minutes between flights.

Do we have enough time to purchase them, transfer and clear immigration? It seems to short but have never connected in the US before. Do we have to check in at Tampa again or will our luggage be transferred to the next aircraft in Tampa?


Re: Tourist card for Australian

Aviator A

Double checking, when and where is your entry to the U.S. taking place?  Assuming you are flying in to Dallas and changing airlines and/or airports (Southwest flies out of DAL/Love Field not DFW) then you'll go through customs and immigration when you land in Dallas.  If that's the case then make sure you have a nice time buffer.


The short version from your post is that I'd be more concerned about making the connection, if you have one, in Dallas than in making the connection in Tampa.


Here is some the info from the Southwest web site (source:


Cuban tourist visa, which is sufficient for only certain categories of OFAC-permitted travel, can be purchased from Cuba Travel Services. You can purchase through Cuba Travel Services (CTS) via telephone, or online. You can also call CTS at (800) 963-2822 (Monday-Friday, 8 am-8 pm EDT) for assistance or to answer any visa related questions. You will pick up your Cuba visa on your day of travel inside the Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) or Tampa (TPA) airport at a CTS counter located at checkin or at your departure gate. Customers who do not purchase their Cuba visa online with CTS prior to arriving at the airport can purchase their Cuba visa on their day of travel at CTS ticket counters located inside the Ft. Lauderdale or Tampa airport.


And if you click through to the CTS site ( then scroll to the bottom and click "Alternative Ways to Purchase" this is what you see:


If a Southwest traveler would like to purchase the visa on the same day of travel, they may do so at any one of our Cuba Travel Services counters, which are located adjacent to the Southwest Cuba check-in counters and Southwest Cuba departure gates for connecting passengers. The cost of purchasing the visa at the airport is $75.00 (Visa price: $50.00 + Processing Fee: $25.00). In order to create a faster and more efficient airport experience for Southwest customers, Cuba Travel Service Visa kiosks do not accept cash as a form of payment. The following airport locations accept credit or debit cards at both the ticket counters and in the gate area:

  • Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
  • Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Good luck and safe travels!

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Tourist card for Australian

Explorer C

Thank you very much for your reply!


We have 19hrs between DFW and Love Field so no worries there. Thanks also for the link to purchase for SW customers. Much appreciated.