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A New Home for our San Antonio CS&S Center

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I’m delighted to share with you that this coming spring, our hardworking Employees at our San Antonio Customer Support and Services (CS&S) Center will be relocating within San Antonio to a new location at I-35 and O’Connor.  Our existing San Antonio CS&S Center (SC) has a unique design which does not allow many options for flexible use of the space nor for expanding our operations.  After careful consideration of the limitations of this facility, we determined that it was best to find a new home for our SC Employees. 

As one of our original cities, Southwest Airlines has a longstanding relationship with the San Antonio community and we are optimistic that the new Center will provide additional opportunities to grow our Southwest Airlines Family in San Antonio. The new Center, which is set to open sometime in the second quarter, has the capacity for up to 800 full-time positions and will allow us to continue expanding employment at SC as a part of our ongoing Departmental goal of being appropriately staffed and prepared meet the needs of our Customers. 

To meet that goal, we’ve already been hiring at several CS&S locations, including San Antonio. The new SC location will allow us to better accommodate the work force, some of whom were in temporary work spaces because we’d run out of room in the current facility. In fact, we hired 165 new Employees at the San Antonio Center in 2011, and we are projected to hire an additional 250 Agents at SC in 2012. 

Looking more broadly at all our call center capabilities, we have previously committed that we will keep all nine Southwest CS&S and AirTran Reservations locations open at least through the end of 2012.  As a reminder, CS&S Southwest Employees may transfer to open positions at SC, but while the unions are working through the Seniority List Integration, AirTran Airways Agents are not yet eligible to transfer in to open Southwest positions.

Southwest opened the original San Antonio Reservations Center in 1981 as our second Reservations Center.  The new CS&S Center will be located at the current R/E Business Center located at 11711 Interstate 35 N inSan Antonio.  Southwest has executed a 15-year lease, with options to extend over time if desired.  The location was the product of an exhaustive search by our Airport Affairs Team and CS&S Leadership, which spanned the city limits of San Antonio and the range of possibilities; from building new to reconstructing an existing building to leasing a building already largely configured to our needs.  In the end, we choose to lease a building that offers the open floor plan and gives us a “blank canvas” to structure the center to our needs. 

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to offer a new work environment for our San Antonio Center Employees and look forward to growing in the community.  

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How and/or where can I apply? I ONLY fly SW and the same for my family. I also have a mentor that used to work for SW. It is an AMAZING company to work for, and I want in! I need a great job so very badly. Thanks!
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I'm also looking where to apply, but came up with nothing so far. This is a great opportunity to work for Southwest. Please let us know where to go. Thank you! Shawn
Hey, y'all. Be sure to set up alerts at, and also check there frequently. Thanks!
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I went to the career page and registered but all the jobs listed are for the Dallas area.Tried to get an application on file but you have to apply for a specific job .Is there a different link to apply ??
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Logged onto and under careers it only shows Dallas positions. Please let me know how/where to apply for the jobs in SA.
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I have been trying to apply for a job in San Antonio, as part of the expansion for your call center here, however, all I have been able to find are for interns and Dallas. Is there a specific place to look and if so, where?
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Hi Teresa, I want to apply for the new positions openings at the new call center in San Antonio. I would love to be a part of the team. I have to say ever since I was 18 just out of High School . I have always wanted to work for Southwest. But life got in the way with marriage and children. Now I'm 53 ready to pursue my career with Southwest. I have a client that works as a flight attendant. She is my age and just loves working for Southwest. I went to the Southwest Career site to apply for the new positions but it isn't posted. Could you please advise me how I need to go about applying for the job. It's my life long dream and I don't want to miss this opportunity. Thank You Annette Flores