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A Welcoming Tradition at Ground Ops Training

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Outside of the Ground Operations department, there probably aren’t too many people who know about a tradition that has been around for about the past four years. It began at our old training center in the now-demolished North Concourse at Love Field.

On the morning of the first day of any initial training class for Customer Service, Ops, and Ramp Agents, a group of Employees from Ground Ops Training and Safety, Standards, and Regulatory Compliance gather to introduce ourselves to the “New Hires.” We share a bit of our career background, such as how long we have been with Southwest, our first position with the Company, and what our current role is. They are usually astonished to learn that several Members of our Team have been with Southwest 25 years or longer!

Our Director, Bobby Loeb, says we do this “To show how much we (Safety, Standards, and Training) care about them. I feel it’s all part of Living the Southwest Way. And, it gives us the opportunity to tell them who we are and what we do. Hopefully it gives them a better understanding of what Southwest is all about and who to contact if they have a question or need assistance.”

We were all New Hires at some point. As our Company continues to grow, it is of the utmost importance that these new Employees are not lost in the chaos of everyday life at the airport. We hope to serve as an example of the persistent hard work and loyalty that has made Southwest what it is today.

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Paul - it seems like only yesterday I was up there welcoming our New Hires to Southwest in GOT! Now I get to do it even BEFORE they reach Dallas! Awesome job! Love the picture! Would have been better with Bobby wearing the "HOG" hat!
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