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An Early Arrival

Frequent Flyer A

"We now have a new Passenger," announced a Flight Attendant on Southwest flight #441 heading from Chicago Midway to Salt Lake City today.

The flight was about 100 miles north of Denver when one of our Customers went into labor.  Thanks to the heroic actions of our Flight Crew as well as the doctors and nurses onboard...a new Customer entered the world while he was 30,000 feet in the air….yes, it was a boy.

The plane diverted and safely landed at Denver International Airport, where medical personnel met the plane.  We’ve heard that the mother and baby are doing well, and we wish them the best.

We'd also like to suggest "T.J. Luv" (Southwest’s lovable mascot) as a possible name for this new little peanut.

Our heroic Flight Crew!

L-R   PHX First Officer Seth Koppenhaver; OAK Flight Attendants Jeff Perkins,  Lisa Hamm, and Sherry Osborne; and PHX Captain Gary Jesperson


OAK Flight Attendants Lisa Hamm (L) and Sherry Osborne (R) share the story of their “Labor of LUV” with media in Boise this afternoon after delivering a baby onboard Southwest Airlines flight #441 today.