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Are T-Shirts a Core Competency?

Adventurer C
My wife bought me a T-shirt the other day. I think she forgot that I've been adding about two new SWA T-shirts a month to my collection. (Who started this madness anyway?) SWA_Herbwrestle2.jpgThrow in the occasional giveaway blood donor T-shirt and an assortment of slogan shirts starting or ending with "Aggie Dad" to the mix, and my closet rivals any "T-Shirts R US" kiosk in the mall. But when I saw my new T-shirt, I instantly knew why she found it irresistible. Four simple words across the front--Will Work for Fun. Yep. That pretty much sums it up for me. (For the answer to Jeff's question, "Who started this madness anyway?" click the photo)