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Austin Celebration

Explorer C

I'm that girl you see on your way to work rocking out in my car.  It's seriously the best way to make it through traffic.   So to me, what better way to celebrate our growth in Austin than to rock out with our Customers on the streets of Austin? 

We are in serious celebration mode because Southwest introduced our 19th nonstop destination from Austin Bergstrom on May 10, bringing our service to 51 daily nonstop flights. So, through May 19, our marketing folks will be creating “sweet harmony” throughout the Austin Community with a portable recording studio.

If you us see hanging around Austin, just step into our glass truck and record a track.

Once your performance is complete, you can log onto  to download your butt kickin’ tune for free or e-mail your heart stopping performance to a friend.

If acting like an air guitar king or queen isn’t your thing, then maybe free stuff will be! When the truck isn’t rocking, our peeps will be buying free stuff for our Austin Customers at all of the “hot spots” throughout the city. Not to mention we are giving away 51 free roundtrip airline tickets to anywhere Southwest flies!

When it comes to rockin’ Austin, we aren’t missing a beat

For updates on where we'll be in Austin, be sure to follow us on Twitter

Adventurer B
Oooooooh That is sooooooo cool! I'd LUV to participate only my singin' is rather off key... (good job you soundproofed the truck!) :o) Raphael Sheffield
Frequent Flyer B
Melissa Dablo = Sweet Harmony Maybe we can take the truck with us to Lollapalooza this least I would have a place to cool off. Plus, we could lock Michelle in there so she doesn't run away and hop in a cab all by herself 😉
Explorer C
That's an awesome concept! Wish I lived in Austin. :P

All the best,

Explorer C
That is an awesome idea!!! I absolutely love Austin, and this is a perfect way to promote Southwest, recognize Austin for it's musical influence, and have a great time. 🙂 I want to record a song! 🙂