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Bags May Fly Free, But Hamsters Don’t

New Arrival
In fact, pet hamsters are not accepted onboard Southwest flights at all, which our Customers, The Reinhardts, soon found out upon checking in for their flight from DAY to LAX this past summer.  So where do hamsters go when their owners are off flying Southwest to fabulous destinations?  Why, to DAY Customer Service Supervisor Loren Stacy’s house, of course! Even though Loren did not know the Reinhardts personally, she recognized that they were Southwest Customers in a bit of a bind, so she offered to sit for their pet hamster, Kylie, until they returned home from their month-long vacation.  Loren admits that there was a bit of a learning curve involved with caring for a hamster, but she and her three kids figured it out, and Kylie reunited with her owners outside of Dayton International Airport safe and sound some 30 days later. Thank you, Loren, for welcoming Kylie the Hamster into your heart and home! Hamily Affair