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 pb-sweetgirl.jpg When I left Public Relations a year ago, the blog had launched just two months earlier and was still an infant. It was hard to leave my "baby" behind to take on a new job role in Marketing, but I left it in very capable hands. I know most of you know Brian, a.k.a. "Blog Boy," but I'd like to introduce you to the other person who works tirelessly, day in and day out, to make sure this blog is fun, interesting, and a bit wacky. Paula Berg is our behind-the-scenes Blog Queen and I recently went behind her back and asked some of her friends and Coworkers, "Who is Paula Berg?" Paula Berg is... ...the most real person you will ever meet, the first person people put on their guest list when throwing a party, adorable, honest, creative and brilliant! Submitted by Brandy King, Coworker and PR Manager ...passionate about this relatively new concept--the blog--that allows Customers and Employees to connect on common interests.  She is tireless in her efforts and understands how important it is for companies to be transparent in their communications with Customers. Submitted by Ginger Hardage, Sr. VP of Corporate Communications paula-smile.jpg...Paula is a true friend and the best person in the world to travel with.  I don't think I could trek through Iceland, get stranded in Frankfurt, or get left by the bus in Vienna with anyone but Paula.  She makes every moment count...  Submitted by Marilee McInnis, Coworker and PR Manager ...nice enough to post my jokes so she can't be all that bad. Submitted by Jill Howard-Allen, Manager Business Support Projects and "Nuts" Blogger paula-and-whitney.JPG...the best story teller that has ever walked the Earth.  No one else has her cornucopia of knowledge about waxing, ethnic men, jalapenos, Central Market, body wraps, drinking, political movies that only air at 2 am, and making friends with strangers.  Can't wait to read her book! Submitted by Whitney Eichinger,Coworker and PR Manager ...wacky, off-the-wall, immensely talented, big-hearted, dedicated, and the perfect 'audience' for my puns.  When she gets this certain twinkle in her eye, I know that she is about to share one of her unusual "Paula" stories that almost always leave me LMAO. Submitted by Brian Lusk, "Blog Boy" paula-and-ice-cream.JPGand Manager of Customer Communications/Corporate Editor ...a future President of the United States Submitted by Chris Mainz, co-worker and PR Specialist  ...the best storyteller you will ever meet. No topic is taboo, and she's not afraid to laugh at herself, which makes her an immensely enjoyable person to be around (and here at Southwest, we work a lot, so we're around her A LOT!!). Submitted by Linda Rutherford, VP of Public Relations and Community Affairs I posted some pics of Paula so you can buy her a drink if you ever run into her at a Southwest airport. I promise you that it will be entertaining. You'll leave with some great stories and a new friend. Thanks, PB, for keeping the blog alive behind the scenes. You rock.  paula-and-angela.JPG