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Birds of a Feather Win Together

The "Flying V" isn't a formation we routinely practice at Southwest, but there's a lot of quacking going on about some ducks that are circulating the system. Since joining Families with AirTran, we established the "WingMate Program." Through a sign-up process, the program pairs a Southwest Employee with an AirTran Employee, kind of like a pen-pal system.
My WingMate's name is Reuben, a Reservations Supervisor who works in Savannah, Georgia. 
Sometimes it's hard to electronically convey sense of humor, especially to a complete stranger.  When I introduced myself via e-mail, I told Reuben I moonlit as a professional clarinet player, enjoyed spinach and artichoke dip (that part's true), and have a cat named Morton, who likes licorice, and to whom I frequently lose in Tic-Tac-Toe.
I hope you're laughing, because I think I confused Reuben (no fault of his own).
Anyway, it took Reuben about a month to get back to me, probably the time it took to get over the fact he had to deal with me as his WingMate.  In his email, I learned Reuben has been working for AirTran for 14 years, and he describes, "That's 14 years of something new every day." Can't wait to share with you some stories about Reuben's voyages.
But I digress.
The WingMate Program has brought many of us together, allows us to share in each other's Company Cultures, and create our own, too.
Enter Milwaukee.
WingMate Ducks
To celebrate the WingMate ducks that are circulating the system, as pictured above, two AirTran Employees dressed up as ducks to spread the word.  One even ushered in a plane.
WingMate Ushering Plane
So kudos to you, Milwaukee, for helping usher in a new era of Southwest; one filled with One LUV!
WingMate Ducks

(You quack me up).
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How can I get 2 of those cute Southwest Duckies????????????? So adorable!
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When I saw the headline "Birds of a Feather Win Together" I thought perhaps it had something to do with the University of Oregon Ducks winning football team. Good story, though, anyway. Perhaps next time you'll want to say something great about our Oregon Ducks!
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Want!!! haha
New Arrival
Love the fact Reuben was confused! I am like you, a strange sense of humor. It takes a while to get to know our ways. I would LOVE to be on a flight that is brought in by ducks! I would laugh so hard! I luv SW because everyone seems so happy and yáll like to do funny things! Never take things too seriously, it gives you headaches and ulcers!
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Love the ducks! I have a huge Duck collection! Am the No. 1 LI Ducks baseball fan! And now I would like to know how I can get one of your Ducks!!
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Love the ducks and the story. Thanks for the smile SW
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See, stuff like this is great to hear. Southwest employees always seem happy to be working for the company, and it seems to have a lot to do with company ideas like this one. Good company spirit-->happy employees-->happy customers. This is just another reason I love flying Southwest. It really makes a difference. (But I too would love to have a Southwest ducky. ;-] )
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I hope the LUV spreads all across AirTran! SWA is the best value airline hands down!
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I'm sure that dressing up in a feathered costume with limited sight lines and protruding and loose parts was totally safe, and makes me so secure in the knowledge that employees responsible for multi-million dollar property and hundreds of lives take their jobs so seriously. That just quacks me up! 😉
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Luv the do I get one?
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Here's something positive for the Oregon Ducks........War Eagle. 🙂
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So glad my grandaughter will be working with Southwest. It sound as if the Southwest family will be great for her, She is with Air Tran.
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How do I get a rubber duck? They're so cute and I collect them!
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I totally want a few of those rubber ducks for my kids! So cute!
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May I have a duck?
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LUV the ducks...Great idea!!! LUV SWA Keep up the great work I know I will!!!
New Arrival
Ducks or no ducks, will SWA be serving boiled peanuts now that so many more flights are in the South of the US? Will pie be the new snack? Just hoping...