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Campus Reach: Airplanes and Aerobics

Explorer C

I’m what they call an AvGeek. I collect model airplanes, I nerd out over safety videos, and I get sad if I don’t have a window seat. I also love fitness and exercise. I study kinesiology at school, participate in CrossFit, and coach Les Mills Group Fitness classes. So when I saw Southwest Airlines offered a Corporate Wellness internship, I HAD to get onboard! FullSizeRender My day-to-day activities consist of engaging and connecting 48,000 Employees and their Spouses/Committed Partners to resources for living well, from weight and activity management to healthy eating information to tobacco cessation programs. You could say that I’ve had an abundance of occasions to flex my wellness muscles. Currently I’m working on an 18-month Wellness Guide for our Emerging Leadership Development Program to empower future managers with nutrition, exercise, and social wellness strategies they can share with their stations. With assistance from my team, I hosted a week-long fundraiser for Special Olympics – Texas by leading a boot camp and yoga session on the Southwest HDQ Basketball Court. It is not all work. From Deck Parties to Campus Reach Internship events to development opportunities in classes hosted by Southwest Airlines University, there are ample opportunities to learn and play! I was able to fly up to Seattle for my birthday weekend and AvGeek at the Boeing factory tour (where I happened to run into other Southwest Interns!). Additionally, I became a zombie during Campus Reach SWAlking Dead Intern Zombie Challenge, and then spent day learning more about the Boeing 737 through Southwest Airlines University. IMG_0503 My internship has been a rewarding experience. It’s real work, but it’s also really fun.