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Our November Freedom Story: Linda Clemons, CEO, Sisterpreneur Inc.

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In her role as founder and CEO of Sisterpreneur, Inc., an international organization dedicated to empowering women in the business world, Linda Clemons draws on 30 years of experience as a body-language and sales expert, writer, media personality, and personal coach. Given her diverse talents, it’s easy to see why she’s among the most respected public speakers and networking professionals in the industry today. Bringing her message to women entrepreneurs requires frequent travel from her home base in Indianapolis. Linda relies on Southwest Airlines to help her deliver that message all over the United States and beyond, averaging 20-plus days of flying each month. “With Southwest, you just feel like you’re at home,” Linda says. “They have the gift and ability of making people feel comfortable,” she adds, especially the “lean but mighty” Team of Southwest Employees in Indianapolis who know her by name. Linda really appreciates the extra perks on Southwest not found elsewhere, like the no change fee policy, which provides the flexibility that her schedule requires. As a Rapid Rewards frequent flyer program Companion Pass holder, Linda also enjoys the freedom to bring along her brother David for free whenever she travels. Even if clients offer to fly her on another carrier when Southwest doesn’t offer nonstop service to their location, Linda politely opts for a connecting itinerary on Southwest because the airline with Heart “treats everyone like first class.” One of the keys to Linda’s success has been understanding that differentiating yourself in a competitive business environment often boils down to how you treat other people—a philosophy she shares with Southwest. “The art is in caring enough to see beyond the surface,” she says. We love having you as a loyal Customer and friend, Linda. Thank you for giving Southwest the continued opportunity to connect you and your loved ones to what’s important in your lives.