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Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

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My mother-in-law is a teacher, and my father-in-law is a college professor. I've been around them long enough to know what passion for education looks like (they've definitely got it). This year, I've been on quite a journey with them, as they navigated both the latter half of last school year and the beginning of this year.


Early hypothesis: it's tough out there.

Present conclusion: it is, indeed, tough out there.


We're no strangers to this fact, in the airline industry, but it's a different dynamic, from vocation to vocation. At Southwest Airlines, we believe in connecting People and championing communities. We believe that community is more than a place – it’s the Heart of what brings us together. Although we have made small strides to assist with creative online learning through our virtual Adopt-A-Pilot curriculum, we know that there are teachers taking this challenge head on and inspiring their kids in innovative ways.


As part of our “Wanna Get Away” revival, Southwest has been celebrating teachers since mid-September that have been going the extra mile, by sharing their stories and offering some LUV in the form of Rapid Rewards bonus points.


In honor of World Teachers' Day, October 5, we saw fit to aggregate their stories into this blog, in hopes you'll also celebrate them, and perhaps see fit to seek out teachers in your own lives--past or present--and tell them how much they mean to you. We're all doing our best right now, and spreading a little joy and laughter goes a long way.


Audrianna Williams and Callie Evans - Albany, GA

Mrs. WilliamsMrs. WilliamsMrs. EvansMrs. Evans

Have you ever seen two teachers rap separate verses, outlining the changes students could expect when they returned to school? If you watch only one thing today, please let it be this video.







Kimberly Martin and Patricia Dovi - DeLand, FL

Southwest Airlines Rewards Heroic Teachers_Kimberly Martin_DeLand, FL.png    Southwest Airlines Rewards Heroic Teachers_Patricia Dovi_DeLand, FL.png

Innovation in the classroom has taken on a new meaning during the pandemic. These two teachers from Florida decided to make lemonade out of lemons by converting the socially-distanced school desks into cars, for each student.



 Cathy Cluck - Austin, TX and Mike Brown - Oak Forest, IL

Mrs. CluckMrs. Cluck          Mr. BrownMr. Brown

These two teachers have never met, but great minds think alike! Cathy and Mike separately decided to pack their bags during virtual learning and teach history from some of the places where it happened. Mike taught five classes a day, at 30 minutes each, covering American history during his trek. Similar to Mike, Cathy was able to show her students significant historic sites such as Gettysburg and the Lincoln Memorial.


Last week, Cathy's school district, Eanes ISD, showed up to her classroom to surprise her on our behalf:




Spoiler alert: Mike was being surprised on the morning this blog post was published.


These teachers went the extra mile, and there are plenty more out there doing some great things with limited resources. Tweet us to let us know about a teacher in your life who deserves some appreciation, including the ones who aren't normally teachers and who find themselves homeschooling while they juggle other things. Above all, know that you're appreciated, and we thank you and LUV you so very much for what you do (and from your undeserving son-in-law, that goes especially for you, Krista and Ed).


Happy World Teachers' Day!