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DAL: A Day at Love Field


I remember visiting the airport as a child. 

It was a magical place where these shimmering, winged behemoths lived. You could look out of the terminal windows and look upon the row after row of metal birds and wonder “What city did they come from, where are they going, what exciting adventure are these passengers whisking off to?” Beside each plane, a myriad of baggage carts, provisioning trucks and fuel tankers took part in a mystical dance ensuring that every flight could fly out on schedule.

As I grew older, the novelty wore off. The airport changed from something wonderful to, well, an airport. A place where we worry about being on schedule and going through TSA lines. A place where we’re usually so distracted by the task at hand, that we forget to stop and look out the window every once in a while.

I hope this piece will make you think like a kid again and rekindle some of that airport magic.

Thanks to Austin-based band Mother Falcon for providing the music. Their music can be found at, they're also on iTunes.