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Diwali Celebration Sheds Light on Our Southwest Culture


People often wonder if Southwest Airlines actually lives up to its reputation as the great Employer many claim that it is. Well, we want to give you an exclusive look into one of many special Southwest Culture events so you can decide for yourself! Diwali 4 A group of Southwest Team Members recently gathered together at Headquarters in Dallas to celebrate Diwali, a Southeast Asian celebration known as the “Festival of Lights.” Southwest is always encouraging Employees to own the Company’s Culture, so it is not unusual for one of SWA’s many Employee-led interest groups to plan something extraordinary! This specific event was organized by the Southwest Desi Group (Employees and Contractors of Southeast Asian descent), in association with Mindtree Ltd., Cigniti Technologies Inc., and Loyalty Methods. Diwali 2 Diwali 5 The Diwali celebration featured traditional Indian cuisine, music, dance performances, and attire. Professional henna artists even came out to decorate attendees’ hands with beautiful designs! But the most meaningful aspect of the event was the fact that everyone in attendance was there to celebrate cultural diversity. Attendees ranged from Individual Contributors to Senior Leaders and everyone embraced the idea that we can learn from one another in a work environment that allows us to showcase our true selves. Diwali 3 Diwali is a celebration of light. Because the Southwest Desi Group took the initiative to organize this event, they were able to share the light of their own culture as an integral part of the overarching Southwest Corporate Culture!