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Don't Be Bashful—See Gary and Team's Big Costume Reveal!

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Was Gary’s Halloween Costume inspired by all the Disney movies he has been watching with his granddaughters? Was it the great Southwest Hospitality delivered by Employees each day With a Smile and a Song? Or, was it the preparation of opening the new Houston Hobby International Terminal that caused him to “whistle while he worked?” One thing is for sure:  it’s no fairytale that Southwest is the best airline in the world!  Where else could you find your CEO transforming into a princess for the day?  Yes, there are heavy loads, long days, and weather delays that make us all at times want to sing “Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it’s home from work we go,” but as resilient Employees, we always find ways to keep our Customers happy. ghalloween1 So, we’re guessing at one time or another you’ve seen Disney’s early animated masterpiece “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” You’re probably already whistling the tunes as you read this! We’re sure what you never imagined though, was our CEO, Gary Kelly, as the beautiful and kindhearted princess Snow White. So, who is supporting Gary today in this Disney tale? 151030gary halloween -web-7 151030gary halloween -web-8_0 Happy:  Mike Van de Ven—EVP and Chief Operating Officer Bashful:  Tammy Romo—Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Sleepy:  Jeff Lamb—EVP Corporate Services Grumpy:  Ginger Hardage—SVP Culture and Communication Sneezy:  Suzanne Staring—Executive Assistant Doc: Ethel Lewis—Executive Office Services Coordinator Dopey:  Andrea Mathews—Project Specialist Prince:  Greg Wells—Sr. VP Operational Performance Evil Queen:  Nan Barry, Managing Director Executive Officer Witch:  Teresa Laraba—SVP Customers Huntsman:  Jack Smith—SVP Operations Mirror:  Shelley Beckman—Executive Assistant Let’s not forget all the woodland animals supporting our beautiful (or should we check with the Magic Mirror on that?) Snow White, just as they did in the original 1937 film! As Snow White wished to find love in the classic tale, we wish you love from the LUV Airline this Halloween and always!