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Employee Stories: Puppy LUV

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Days at Southwest Airlines can be busy, so sometimes it’s nice to have a distraction—especially if it’s a cute and cuddly one.  Employees at Ft. Lauderdale were recently treated to some puppy time after Customer Vivanne arrived for a flight to Dallas with her dog, Roxy.  A bit scared of her first flight, Roxy started to yelp and Vivanne decided it would be a good idea to deplane until Roxy could be calmed down.  They were booked on a later flight and, while they waited in the gate area, they quickly became very popular with Customers and Employees around them. puppy1 We loved the opportunity to play with little Roxy.  After some playtime, Roxy was back to her old self.  That’s when Vivanne had a new idea; maybe there was someone here that would be willing to adopt Roxy.  It wasn’t long before Customer Service Agent James fell in love with Roxy and decided to take her home.  A nearby Customer overheard what was happening and exclaimed, “I love Southwest Airlines, you are always doing the right thing and always helping People!” James changed the pup’s name to Lily, who is enjoying her new home. “She’s living the dream,” James says. puppy2 The experience made me realize why dogs truly are “man’s best friend” because this cute puppy made me realize to appreciate the little things in life!