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Facebook Fans Share How Bags Fly Free Equals More Vacation Fun

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On Southwest Airlines, your bags fly free.  Whether you are traveling with a hand-me-down vintage suitcase, a Bob the Builder duffel bag, or just a plain old black roller bag, we won’t charge you to check your first OR second normal-sized checked bag.  Pull out your calculator—that means you can save up to $120 compared to what other airlines charge for checked luggage.  So, what would you do with that extra money on a vacation?  Last Monday, we asked our Facebook fans to share photos and how they’d spend that cash!  These are our top five favs.  Enjoy!

P.S.  We’d LUV to hear more stories on what you did on your vacation with the $120 savings, so post your comments below.  Happy travels!

Ashley Wojcik Mancini: On our recent trip to Orlando, my luggage money paid for my daughter’s 4th birthday dinner with Cinderella!

Jennifer Cuddeback: On our recent trip from MHT to LAX, my 6-year-old daughter and I were able to take private surfing lessons with our “luggage money.”

Margie Mancini: I’m running 14 marathons around the country this year to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This wouldn’t be possible without the low fares on Southwest Airlines. Thank you SW, for making this journey possible! This is me after marathon #7 in Chicago, August 1st. With the money I’ll save flying SW, I’ll be able to afford the next 7 marathons, and help find a cure for cancer!!! 🐵

Gina Roland Dupree: With the money we saved on our family of 4, we were able to stay an extra day in Colorado and wait for Trail Ridge Road to open, so my kids got to go over the Continental Divide. These Southern kids LOVED all that snow! (and Mom too!)

Susan Carman McGiffert: Southwest’s “Bags fly free” is awesome. We saved the full $120 on our trip to Albany NY from Phoenix to celebrate my sister’s 60th with family and friends. We used the money we saved to take the family out to dinner. You are the best airline bar none!


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All I can say is thank you Southwest! Please never change. Without you so many of us would never be able to do the things that we do because of you.
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Great campaign, I look forward to the stories... as for me, I need get a ticket and get in on the fun! -
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We'll be using the money we save by starting our 2nd vacation fund to Orlando! Thanks SW for making this possible.
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I have been flying Southwest before anyone anyone even knew who you were! The untold thousands of dollars that I have saved in the 25 years have made Southwest my only choice when it comes to air travel!
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Haven't had any reason to fly in the last year or so... BUT" All the times I had flown the previous several years in a row, I found SW to be the MOST comadating airlines I have EVER flown on. I was "wheel chair bound" on some of those flights, and they couldn't have done enough for me to be sure I was well taken car of, and comfortableat all times. Thank YOU SW for caring so much about your passengers........
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Here's why I fly Southwest: On time most times Reasonable fares Treat customers like they have brains and are the reason they're in business Great safety record That's all I ask for, and with Southwest, that's what I consistently get.
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We LUV Southwest for skiing! It's the only airline we'll take from LAX to Denver, Salt Lake, or Reno -- or else each ski trip would cost of us 100s of extra dollars in bag fees for our skis and gear!
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Great Airlines just need to make a flight that goes to Alaska and be the Best Airlines around...
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Can't wait for you to come to Charleston, SC in 2011 we can all take advantage of your great fares, and such great service!
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My husband and I love flying on Southwest. Our daughter and grandson live in Saint Louis and we live in Michigan. Your low air fares enable us to see each other throughout the year. Thank so much for not having those ridiculous baggage fees - don't know how those other airlines expect you fly without taking anything along. The money we save on luggage fees allows us to be able to afford more frequent trips. Thanks Southwest!!