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Five Times Southwest was Literally the Love Airline


If you’re familiar with Southwest Airlines, you’ve probably noticed how important love is to us. Our Heart is on full display on our planes, we celebrate Valentine’s Day with a passion, we treat our Customers as family, and we’ve been known as “the love airline” for 50 years! 

Our mission is to connect People to the things that matter most and, this Valentine’s Day, we want to share some of our favorite instances when this mission materialized. Read on to revisit some of the best moments when Southwest was literally the love airline. 


  1. The time Cathlyn and Michael were introduced by a pastor sitting in the middle seat between them, then were married by that same pastor a few short years later. Can you say “plane” adorable?! Read the full story: Southwest Airlines Brings Hearts Together at 35,000 Feet 


Southwest Airlines Brings Hearts Together at 35,000 Feet.png



  1. The time a Southwest Flight Attendant received help from the Flight Crew and Customers to surprise two of her friends with an inflight “wedding” and a lifetime of advice from other Customers. How'd they pull it off? Find out: Holy SWAtrimony: Marrying my Friends in the Sky with a Little Help from Southwest Airlines 


Holy SWAtrimoney.png



  1. The time Southwest and CAMO Rescue partnered to fly Timmy from Texas to Michigan to be with his adopted mom. Read the paws-itively uplifting story: Timmy’s Journey HomeIf that’s not puppy-love, I don’t know what is!


Timmy's Journey Home.png



  1. The time Selah’s family trip for a blood transfusion resulted in their family being embraced by another Southwest Customer and several Southwest Employees. Read how a stranger in an aisle seat became a family friend:: How Southwest Became a Second Home for My Family I’m not crying, you’re crying!


How Southwest Became a Second Home for My Family.png



  1. The time Southwest’s open seating policy brought two strangers together, resulting in the exchange of weird flying rituals and a lifelong friendship. Read more about a fateful airport encounter: Lifetime Friends: You Never Know Who You Just Might Meet on Your Next Southwest Flight Like I Did. Meeting new people is super fly, especially when you become life-long friends! 

Lifetime Friends.png



They say “love is in the air” is a cliché, but obviously they have never been on a Southwest flight! You really never know who you might meet on your next Southwest Airlines flight.


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