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A Million Reasons ACA Flowers Trusts Southwest with Delivering Love for Valentine’s Day


“Before Southwest Cargo, we were nonexistent,” said ACA Flowers co-owner Alejandra Maldonado.


ACA Flowers, which shipped more than one million flowers in 2020, was once a small, budding business. When other carriers didn’t approve their account application due to their size, Southwest Cargo embraced the Maldonado’s family business and provided the access they needed to distribute fresh, beautiful flowers across the country.


Photo taken prior to COVID-19.Photo taken prior to COVID-19.


Now, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day in a tumultuous time, the Maldonado’s work is more important than many realize.


“We noticed, this year especially, the demand has been higher [for Valentine’s Day],” said Alejandra.


ACA Bouquet.PNGBecause of the ongoing pandemic, people are seeing less of their loved ones. Weddings are being postponed, birthday parties are on hold, and many familial gatherings just aren’t happening. As a result, those people determined to share their appreciation with those that matter most are sending flowers to their loved ones instead of visiting in person.


That means extra work for the Maldonado family, especially for Valentine’s Day, but they know it’s meaningful and worthwhile.


Alejandra, when asked what the holiday means to them, said, “It’s a challenging, but exciting season. When we finally have fulfilled our end, we know that this will put a smile on someone else’s face.”


ACA Flower Shipping Process.jpgSouthwest Cargo and ACA Flowers share a passion for delivering exceptional products and service to their Customers. For ACA Flowers, this means providing higher-quality flowers at a competitive price point. For Southwest Cargo, this means going the extra mile to help them do that.


“We’re a Team,” said Alejandra. “Being able to have an amazing sales rep helps us take our service we give our clients to the next level. Just today, we were able to ship to twelve different airports…allow[ing] us to deliver flowers to clients within 24 hours.”


As ACA Flowers enters its 10th year of service, the Maldonado family remains committed to delivering love, appreciation, gratitude, condolences, congratulations, and the unexpected thinking-of-you’s to thousands. And Southwest Cargo, on Valentine’s Day or any other, is right there with them.


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