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Gate Games from the Heart

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It is three o’clock in the afternoon during a Central Florida summer, which can only mean one thing: thunderstorms are on the horizon! At Southwest Airlines, the Safety of our Employees and Customers is always our top priority. On occasion, due to the location and intensity of a thunderstorm, we must delay our flights until the storm has passed. Well, you’re in luck if during a delay you are at Customer Service Agent Bob Campbell’s gate.


Bob 1.jpgBob Campbell Hosts a Paper Airplane ContestBob Campbell is coming up on his 15th year at Southwest Airlines and is currently a Customer Service Agent in Orlando, Florida. Bob is known amongst his Orlando Team for hosting gate games with Customers during irregular operations, infusing a little fun in what would normally be a challenging Customer Experience. Bob can probably recite Southwest’s Official Games from the Heart book from memory, but he still carries a copy with him from gate to gate.


In August, his "Worst Driver’s License Photo Contest" game broke the internet and went viral! Since then, Passengers began arriving in Orlando asking for “the famous Bob Campbell.”


“Nothing is better than laughter and smiles,” Bob said. “It makes my day better knowing that I’m empowered to help positively shape our Customers’ Experience.” Bob infuses his Fun-LUVing personality into his gate games. As a former conductor for Amtrak, he calls “All Aboard” and even blows a train whistle that was gifted to him by a fellow Southwest Coheart when it’s time to board.


His favorite gate games range from the funniest driver’s license photo to paper airplane contests and even a scavenger hunt ... yes, a scavenger hunt around the airport! Bob shares that “the scavenger hunt is a fun game to play if you have a lot of time! All the items that you have to collect are either free, or I will accept a photo of the item.” He adds that “kids and parents love the paper airplane contest. It’s a nice way for them to put down the technology and create something together.”


Bob 2.pngBob Campbell Hosts a Paper Airplane ContestHospitality is at the Heart of Southwest Airlines. We encourage our Employees to bring their unique personalities and interests to work and infuse fun into their job. From a singing Flight Attendant and a guitar-playing Pilot to dancing Ramp Agents and relentlessly entertaining Customer Service Agents, our Employees love sharing their personalities with our Customers. In return, it brings our Customers joy to see our Employees have fun on the job.


Southwest Employees love what they do, and it shows by a daily expression of their Heart. Our Employees continue to create special moments with our Customers that are unique and can’t be copied. Bob concludes his announcements by saying, “Now, just remember you won’t see this type of fun at those other carriers.” You are exactly right Bob, and we love you for that.