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Going Green: Five Things In Your Backyard To Recycle

Adventurer A
These past few weekends, I’ve really enjoyed sitting out on my deck with the beautiful weather here in Dallas.  It’s also given me inspiration to plant some native Texas flowers in my garden before those triple-digit days are here. 

Recently, as I was getting ready to water my newly planted flowers, I realized that my garden hose was leaking.  Instead of throwing it away, I decided to poke holes along the length and turn it into a drip sprinkler.  Here are a few other yard items that you can repurpose or recycle:

  • Grills: if your grill is no longer working, check with your local recycling service as they may offer a pick-up service.  If not, you can disassemble the grill and take the metal parts to a scrap yard.  Scrap Metal Junkie even tells you how to sell your scrap metal!
  • Yard Waste: Are you a composter?  You can add grass clippings, branches, leaves, etc. to your compost pile.  If not, check with your city to see when they will pick up yard waste.  They will typically use your yard waste to make mulch, which is a great way to save this landfill space! 
  • Sand: If your kids are no longer playing in your backyard sandbox, you can use that sand to fill holes in your yard, use it in the bottom of your planting pots to stop water from leaking, or add it to your compost! 
  • Scrap wood: Instead of throwing away an old swing, leftover wood from a deck, or your wooden garden border, save it for your firewood or reuse it for a new project.
Have any other ideas on yard items you can keep out of our landfills?  Let us know by commenting below or by e-mailing

  You are now free to be green!