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Grande, Please!


What are your morning caffeine rituals?  Do you drink the same black coffee every morning with French vanilla or hazelnut creamer?  The power of coffee not only does wonders for my attention level, of course, but really plays a role mentally for me.I base what kind of coffee I choose to drink each and every morning by how jam packed my day is planned out to be.

I trick and treat myself to a Carmel Latte with low fat milk on days I believe to be 'extra' busy.  If I'm feeling really crazy, I may take it from a Tall to a Grande!  It's a complete mind game, but from the moment I receive that latte, snug in its cardboard jacket, I know I've just started my day out right.

What's better yet, they have now marketed the new Skinny Latte, for those more health conscious folks out there.  I used to tell myself, it's ok to drink this latte of goodness, even if it does go straight to my head and my hips, I have an extra busy day today!  Kudos to whomever thought that I can manage my day with more grace with the power of a Skinny Latte in my hand!