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I can’t believe it.  Summer is almost over, and Halloween is just around the corner.  This will be my fifth Halloween as Southwest’s CEO, and little did I know what kind of impact my costumes would have.  In 2004, I portrayed mega-rock star, Gene Simmons of KISS, [asset|

I can’t believe it.  Summer is almost over, and Halloween is just around the corner.  This will be my fifth Halloween as Southwest’s CEO, and little did I know what kind of impact my costumes would have.  In 2004, I portrayed mega-rock star, Gene Simmons of KISS, [asset|aid=165|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=halloween kiss.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

and the year after that, I rode the range as Wild Bill Hickok.  [asset|aid=166|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=halloween wild bill.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

In 2006, I took on a nautical air as that rascally Captain Jack Sparrow, [asset|aid=164|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=halloween gary.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

and last year I was the demure Edna Turnblad from Hairspray. [asset|aid=163|format=post_large_image|formatter=imagecache|title=gary halloween_0.jpg|align=none|height=100|width=100]

My Halloween Elves are ready to get the 2008 “Gary” set up, and I need suggestions about who (or what) I should portray for Halloween.  It would be really nice if your suggestion doesn’t involve shortterm (and especially longterm!) body modifications like shaving my legs, although I will sacrifice for art—within reason.

So be creative and leave your suggestion, and it’s okay to color outside the lines—the good folks at Spirit Halloween stores will make your idea come to life.

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Go patriotic and be Uncle Sam. Or, how about George Washington. Get a powdered wig, a three cornered hat and a Continental Army Uniform. That would be great!
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you should go as the the JOKER ,, we love your jokes
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I think for Halloween, Gary and the whole Southwest Co. should dress from the 70's. Think about it... Southwest started in the 70's, Gary graduated high school in the 70's and that 70's show is very popular!!!
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With the recent discovery of a really bad bigfoot costume in the georgia swamps, how about bigfoot. Low fares and great customer service are no myth.
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I like the idea about the 70's theme
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How about the royal mascot for Burger King--funny and scary!
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Gary you would make a great Olympic Gold Southwest Metalist. You would wear the metals proudly.
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I can see you as LUKE; PRINCESS LEIA; YODA, etc, Gotta luv heros in STAR WARS!
Not applicable have some 'spaining to do! Southwest is the airline that LUVS you, so it only seems fitting for Gary to be Desi Arnez aka Ricky Ricardo. So we should all have Gary start on his Cuban accent! Mark RDU-Ramp We LUV Southwest!
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I really think of the Idea as Howie Mendel is hilarioius. Especially with all the suitcase girls following him around is genious.
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I think you should dress up as the "Birdsnest" stadium in China.
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Oh, Gary. It's should go as the best super hero- Colleen!
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Gary would absolutely rock Borat's banana hammock.
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I like retro stuff to help us keep the good ole memories alive. I would like to see him dress up as Jerry Lewis's Nutty Professor or if you want something not so old, then the Eddie Murphy version of the Nutty Professor. Either could be an interesting treat lol 🙂
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Dr. Frank-n-Farther from Rocky Horror Picture show is a great idea or the Hell Boy suggestion. Indiana Jones is not much of a costume it's kinda of plain for you Gary. You need something that's going to stand out.
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You should obviously be Juno. It's the only choice. I can see it now...big fake pregnant belly, orange striped shirt...a jug of Sunny easy! Have fun 🙂
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I think Gary should show up as Elphaba. The not so good witch from the musical "Wicked -The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz".
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You are an airline so along that line three famous airline people come to mind. Wiley Post with the famous eyepatch, Will Roger famous side kick of Wiley's and note humorist. And if you want to go far out Amelia Earhart, still missing today.
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Definitely Indiana Jones--gotta LUV a good-lookin' guy in a hat!
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Why can't he decide for himself?
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Since you are one of our Superheroes at SWA, our suggestions are Superman or Hancock (will Smith's character in Hancock) - they both fly!
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how about the JOKER??
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Robert Plant -- No shaving required, dark suit and tie but mostly cuz... you're addicted to LUV.
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Get in touch with some of your staff.... Have them dress you up as an air stewardess and work on a flight.
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Darth Vader would be great or.......Elvis would be a riot!!
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Go as the MAD HATTER from alice in wonderland because you would have to be absolutely mad to let people fly for so cheap! Its a wild and "out there costume" like some of your past ones.
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I think you should be David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust days. He wore some crazy outfits, crazy hair, and fun makeup. Everyone would know who you are, and I think you would have a ton of fun doing it!!!
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Palin! She is such a character.
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Hi there! I was wondering if you could help me... I actually want to go as The Demon from KISS, just like you did back in '04. The problem is that I can't seem to find a wig in his style - did you buy a normal wig and just tie it up at the top? Also, where did you get the costume from? Hmmmm suggestions...I say you go back to the 70's/80's again and go as Dee Snider (Twisted Sister). :) Thanks in advance! Steve
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My suggestion would be either Superman since you were able to get the Southwest/Airtran merger and claim the Atlanta gates, or Neil Armstrong since next thing you know Southwest will be flying to the moon!
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Now this suggestion is completely out of the box, Michael Jackson the king of Pop. If you like I can even show you how to Moonwalk. And I still have his Thriller jacket if you would like to borrow it.
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Frank Sinatra.....Come fly with me
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Im thinking a Lady Gaga beef jerky outfit. Can't wait to see the outcome of that.
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What about Lady Gaga? Or Sue Sylvester from Glee-red sweatsuit & large megaphone? Or Justin Bieber? These characters are all hot celebrities in pop culture & Southwest Airlines soars with its celebrity status and great culture!
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He should wear Top Gun flight suit like Tom Cruise like in the movie because hes accomplished so many task and goals so he should be a Top Gun!!
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I think you would look stunning as Gandolf from Lord of the Rings.
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he should be a stewardess
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How about crabby cat? Shes very popular right now...