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Hold On, I’m Rapping

Frequent Flyer B
[asset|aid=240|format=image|formatter=asset|title=RBRiPodLogoSmall.gif|width=180|height=179|resizable=true|align=right]Have you called our Customer Support & Services lately? Do you read the airline industry blog called FlyerTalk? CS&S is the Department at Southwest formerly known as Reservations—but that Department does so much more now than make reservations, we had to rename it. FlyerTalk is a blog about the travel and airline industry and the two of these come together on this episode of Red Belly Radio.

When calling Southwest Airlines for information, with our relatively new, cool call-back feature, you no longer ever have to wait on hold. But if you choose to, you will hear a number of Employees talking about their jobs and various products and offers from Southwest Airlines.

David Holmes is one of those Employees you might hear. David is the Southwest Flight Attendant known for his great Customer Service and his fantastic raps. He can often be heard rapping the safety information on his flights, but was also on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and is a popular YouTube entertainer with more than 2.5 million views of his videos.

David wrote and performed a rap for the on-hold entertainment that we use.  It caught the ear of expert7700 who commented on Flyer Talk, asking if anyone had a recording of it?

Just so you’ll know, I had to call CS&S three times trying to record David but never got put on hold—it went straight to an agent! So I finally asked if I could be put on hold so that I could record it. Also in this edition of RedBelly Radio, learn about another fun project that David’s working on—a video response to the Air New Zealand challenge.
Adventurer B
I've watched the YouTube video of David's on-board rap and enjoyed it. I can only imagine what his "on hold" rap sounds like :-) Paul In CRP
Explorer C
I'd like to share MY video from YouTube.....I had sooo much fun on Halloween!! Enjoy~!!