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Imua One and its First Tour of the Hawaiian Islands


We are continually grateful for the opportunity to serve the Hawaiian Islands, and as a symbol of thanks to our Employees and the people in Hawaii who have welcomed us with warm aloha, we flew Imua One to each Hawaii station over the last weekend in April, as we commemorated four years of interisland service.


Imua One is the first state-dedicated aircraft in the fleet with a unique livery that departs from our tradition of featuring state flags, and it’s also the first time a non-English word is included in a livery. We’re proud of these milestones, because we reached them by working closely with an Oahu-based design agency on the creative, keeping local sentiment top-of-mind, as well as Hawaiian Cultural Practitioners to serve and understand the unique cultures and language of Hawaii. These Practitioners have guided us even before our first flights served the Hawaiian Islands, and we’ve been focused on most appropriately utilizing Hawaiian words. The Cultural Practitioners guided us, above all else, to be consistent. They recommended that we not use diacritical markings (such as the okina and the kahako), as they customarily recommend many other companies doing business in the Islands. We hired a Cultural Advisor to guide and review everything relating to Imua One to ensure we accurately represented the cultural elements we intended to honor with this high-flying tribute. We regularly revisit our decision regarding markings with experts (we received the same guidance even as recently as Autumn 2022), and we plan to continue to review best practices on a regular basis to ensure we do our part to preserve, protect, and celebrate the beauty of Hawaiian culture.

The events surrounding the Imua One unveiling were special and unique to each location and island. Imua One is dedicated to our Employees and the people in Hawaii, so as a gesture of gratitude, the aircraft visited each airport we serve in Hawaii for a unique ceremony and event. Read on to learn more about these meaningful moments.



The MAX 8 aircraft transformed into Imua One at a painting facility in Spokane, Wash., where a crew of 8-10 people worked in shifts over 17 days. Before its first flight from Spokane to Long Beach, Calif., citizens of the Spokane Tribe of Indians joined Kahu Kordell C. L. Kekoa, a Hawaiian church Minister, in a special ceremony that brought together Washington First Nations and Kanaka Maoli/indigenous Hawaiian people to share in a blessing and pay tribute to the launch of Imua One.



 Citizens of the Spokane Tribe of Indians and Kahu Kekoa joined for a special blessing and tribute ceremony.



Long Beach

Imua One departed Spokane and headed to Long Beach for a celebration and a memorable welcome into the Southwest fleet. Since our first flights between Long Beach and Honolulu in March 2021, we continue to build awareness with our Customers about the gateway cities to Hawaii in our network, including Long Beach, so it was the perfect place to launch the tour. As Imua One came into range, event attendees gathered to watch the aircraft land and witnessed Kahu Kekoa lead a blessing and dedication of the aircraft. I am so grateful that many of you watched in through a livestream, and you saw the Employees featured in the Honoring the Heart of Hawaii video series at the event in Long Beach to welcome Imua One. We had Hawaii Cultural Entertainment, remarks from Bob and Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson, and the aircraft was on the ground long enough for a lot of photos of the aircraft. Bob and I were honored to christen the aircraft and a group of our local Hawaii Employees draped a livery lei on Imua One.


230428 Imua One_LGB Event_016_WEB.jpg

 Kahu Kekoa and Bob with Imua One in Long Beach.


230428 Imua One_LGB Event_019_WEB.jpg

 Bob and I christened the aircraft with special ‘champagne’ bottles that are made for this purpose – they’re empty and made from sugar, which easily dissolves and doesn’t damage the aircraft or create ramp FOD.


230428 Imua One_LGB Event_017_WEB.jpg

 Southwest Employees who are local to Hawaii welcome Imua One to the fleet and prepare to drape a livery lei on the aircraft.


230428 Imua One_LGB Event_022_WEB.jpg

 Imua One in Long Beach.



Imua One made its first stop in the Aloha State at Honolulu, the first airport we served in Hawaii. Lt. Governor Sylvia Luke joined guests to greet the aircraft as a taiko group performed. Kahu Kekoa led a blessing ceremony that included local Hawaii Employees who again draped a livery lei on the aircraft. Inside the terminal in Honolulu, guests enjoyed live music and a hula performance. Bob and Lt. Governor Luke gave remarks, with Bob thanking our Employees in Hawaii who deliver exceptional Hospitality to our Customers in the Islands during the past four years. We also made a $10,000 donation each to AccesSurf, Hoola Na Pua, Native Hawaiian Hospitality Association, and Boys and Girls Club Hawaii, organizations that we tie into four of the cultural elements represented on the aircraft: honu (turtle) move with endurance, ama (support) connect to strengthen and balance, lokahi (unity) succeed with Teamwork, and imua (forward) to go forward with strength, courage, and strong spirit. (Read on to learn about the other five organizations who received a donation, as well).



 Honolulu Station Leader Christina watches as Imua One taxies into a gate at HNL for the first of many times ahead.




 Left to right: Kahu Kekoa, Regiane Santos, Lt. Governor Luke, Capt. Paul Miller, Capt. Jim Curtis, me, Bob Jordan, Kurt Osaki, Christina Leilua, Cultural Practitioner Herman “Piikea” Clark, Flight Attendant Duane Redmond, and Eric Daniels take part in the ceremonial blessing in Honolulu.



 Employees from the Honolulu Station and Kahu Kekoa with Imua One.



 Guests in Honolulu enjoy Hawaii Cultural entertainment.



 Imua One departs Honolulu


Lihue (Kauai)

The second day of the Imua One tour in Hawaii began as the aircraft departed Honolulu for Lihue (Kauai), the island where Kurt Osaki, our partner for the design of Imua One, went to high school. Imua One landed and taxied to a backdrop of Kauai mountains, for guests to experience the aircraft up-close. Kahu Kalaniaukai Kekoa, Kahu Kordell Kekoa’s son, led the ceremonial blessing of the aircraft in Lihue, and local Employees draped a livery lei on Imua One. Following the event at the airport, guests, including many members of the Kauai Chamber of Commerce, joined Southwest Leaders for a celebration. Mayor of Kauai, Derek S.K. Kawakami, gave remarks and thanked Southwest for our dedication to serving the Islands, even during the hardships of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Southwest made a $10,000 donation to the National Tropical Botanical Garden to tie to the cultural theme of aina (land) to find common ground.



 Imua One on approach to Lihue (Kauai)


230429 Imua One_LIH Event_178_WEB.jpg

Employees in Lihue (Kauai) prepare to drape a livery lei on Imua One


230429 Imua One_LIH Event_299_WEB.jpg

 Imua One in Lihue (Kauai)


Kahului (Maui)

The third stop that Imua One made in Hawaii was in Kahului (Maui). Following the aircraft arrival and blessing by Kahu Kekoa, local Employees placed a lei on Imua One as a symbolic welcoming gesture. Guests joined a celebration at the Maui Tropical Plantation that included refreshments and local entertainment. The Pacific Whale Foundation received a $10,000 donation from Southwest, tying to the theme of kai (ocean) to harness good energy.



 Imua One and the Heroine of the Heart, a tribute to Southwest President Emeritus Colleen C. Barrett in Kahului (Maui)



 Imua One is greeted by a water arch in Kahului (Maui)



 Kahu Kekoa leads a ceremonial blessing of Imua One in Kahului (Maui).


230429 Imua One_OGG Event_091_WEB.jpg

 Invited guests gather on Maui to welcome Imua One



 Kahului (Maui) Station Leader Del with Imua One



 I was honored to give voice to our donation to the Pacific Whale Foundation, located on Maui


Hilo (Island of Hawaii)

On the final day of the tour of the Hawaiian Islands, Imua One visited the Island of Hawaii, first stopping at Hilo. The sun shined brightly as the aircraft banked over Hilo Bay, giving Island residents a look at the beautiful livery, and landed at the airport. Carlos Navor, a Supervisor in Hilo, created beautiful letters that spelled out Imua using local flora and Employees draped a lei on the nose of Imua One. Kahu Danny Akaka, who is from the Island of Hawaii and led the blessing ceremony for our inaugural Honolulu flight, joined for the Imua One special events. At the reception event, community partners and guests celebrated and Southwest made a donation to the University of Hawaii Institute of Astronomy in Hilo.



 Imua One on approach over Hilo Bay (Island of Hawaii)


230430 Imua One_ITO Event_334_WEB.jpg

 Kahu Danny Akaka leads a ceremonial blessing of Imua One in Hilo (Island of Hawaii)


230430 Imua One_ITO Event_216_WEB.jpg

 Imua One behind letters created by Carlos, an Employee at Hilo


230430 Imua One_ITO Event_441_WEB.jpg

 Southwest makes a donation to the University of Hawaii Institute of Astronomy in Hilo


Kona (Island of Hawaii)

To close out its initial tour of Hawaii, Imua One made a final stop in Kona (Island of Hawaii). Kahu Akaka led a blessing of the aircraft, and local Employees in Kona draped a livery lei on Imua One. The reception took place just outside of the secure area at the airport, where our community guests enjoyed live music from local performers. Miss Kona Coffee and Miss Aloha Hawaii attended the event and danced hula for our guests. Partners from Liv. Pregnancy and Women’s Wellness accepted a donation, which tied their work into the value of ohana (family) to root in relationships.



 Imua One on approach to Kona (Island of Hawaii)



 Miss Aloha Hawaii performs hula at a reception for Imua One



 Partners from Liv. Pregnancy and Women’s Wellness accept a donation from Southwest



 Miss Kona Coffee dances hula at the reception for Imua One



 Local musicians play music at the Kona celebration

The next day, Imua One departed Kona and headed to Dallas to close out its 7,746 mile journey. Employees at DAL and Headquarters had a chance to see the aircraft and on May 2, Imua One entered our schedule and has visited several stations since then.

Has Imua One visited your location yet? You can track the aircraft by tail number N8710M and share your photos using #ImuaOne.