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Inside the February Issue of Southwest: The Magazine

Adventurer B
Feb cover As the inflight magazine for Southwest, we’re all about travel. (Duh.) But at our heart, we’re all about real people. Sure, we do celebrities occasionally, but only when they act like real people. (We loved it when Jimmy Kimmel recently brought out our September issue during an interview of our cover model, Mindy Kaling.) Most of the time, we’re looking for unsung heroes, the ones that give us all hope for humanity. This month’s cover story sure does that, at least for me. Sam White stages Shakespeare plays all over Detroit, giving audiences a glimpse at some of the city’s coolest places—venues most of them probably wouldn’t see otherwise. To do justice to the story, Creative Director Kevin de Miranda assigned a top photographer, Chris Crisman, to shoot the actors in these settings. The result is an inspiring narrative with a photo gallery—one that serves as a tour to the can’t-miss places in Detroit. A trifecta of real people, travel, and storytelling. Want more travel? This month’s Adventure goes to Phoenix/Scottsdale. The drink of the month is the hot Brazilian Winter, from Boston’s Backbar. (Order some pork buns with it.) The hotel of the month is Manhattan’s ultra-hip Ludlow. Now for a Number: Desk plants boost productivity by 15 percent, according to researchers in the UK and the Netherlands.  The ideal plant: peppermint. It makes you more alert. And you thought we were just a travel magazine.