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Introducing Southwest: The Magazine

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14_SEP_COVER_B Southwest Airlines new look has a lot of moving parts—literally. One of them is its inflight magazine. Not only did our name change from Spirit to Southwest: The Magazine, but hundreds of thousands of a special, celebratory September issue were switched out on planes beginning September 8 and 9.  (Click here to read more about the first version of our September issue.) Among the commemorative touches in the issue: a new cover, showing off Southwest’s cool new heart. That heart, by the way, is a real, physical object. It’s big, it’s 3D, and it’s handcrafted of metallic parts. Southwest shipped it to photographer Adam Voorhes in Austin. (He’s the guy who shoots our amazing cocktails.) Meanwhile, the magazine’s Dallas-based editorial staff was hard at work producing both issues, including some shiny, new editorial to go with the new look. They worked closely with the airline’s communications and marketing teams to get the branding story right, all while keeping the new look a secret from their closest friends. We like to think the heart stands for what’s inside this issue: stories about doing things for love, and being loved in return. Just like Southwest.