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It’s A Thanksgiving First

Explorer C

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday since it involves family, food, and football--all ranked in order of importance.  But Thanksgiving has been a bit different for me as of late since I no longer have any living parents.  So the dynamics have changed, but certainly not the meaning or significance, and I’m thankful for the many loving memories of Turkey Days of the past.  This will be my second year missing out on my mother’s turkey, and my wife and I were lucky enough last year to have my sister (an exceptional cook) step in and cook Thanksgiving dinner for us. 

Now my sister is in college on the East Coast, and my wife and I are left to cook the turkey for ourselves for the very first time and start memories of our own.  This should be an interesting experiment.  I wanted to take the manly-man approach and fry the turkey, but my wife is more of a traditionalist (and even though she won’t admit it, she fears I’ll set the house on fire).  This all lead to another first - I visited  It appears we are all set and have a pretty good turkey cooking battle plan laid out.  This will be good practice before we actually have kids and people over for future Thanksgivings.

In case the turkey burns our turns out like rubber, our backup plan includes frozen pizza.