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Itchy Legs, Full Hearts

New Arrival

When I took on the challenge to plan our Spring 2017 Intern volunteer event, I recognized the importance of organizing an event that would allow us, Interns, to showcase the quality each of us have in common: our Servant’s Heart.




 An opportunity to help the continuing efforts of beautifying the Trinity Corridor within the Dallas community fell into my lap and I knew that the Spring 2017 Intern class would be up for the challenge. I anticipated our group would  clean up the occasional plastic water bottles and other frequent trash that seems to show up in parks, but it turned out to be much more.


Our group teamed up with Groundwork Dallas and the City of Dallas to help clear large amounts of trash and debris, including old tires that somehow made their way into the dense brush. We were certainly up for the challenge.


On Wednesday, April 19, the Spring 2017 Intern class showed up to the Roosevelt Heights area, dressed in work boots, long pants, and sleeves, ready to tackle the poison ivy-filled forests.




 Although our four-hour work day seemed labor-intensive at points, the saying stands true that “time flies when you’re having fun.” The dedication and teamwork  I witnessed that afternoon reminded me how amazing it is to be a part of the Southwest Family. When I learned how much Groundwork Dallas, the City of Dallas, and the Trinity Park Conservancy contributed to our event, I realized the importance of sharing your Servant’s Heart not only while at work, but also  in our community.




Oh, and remember that comment about old tires somehow making their way into the dense brush? We came across a tree that had grown INSIDE a tire, and this wasn’t a baby tree either! (See picture below). Our group may not have cleared every tire or piece of trash from the area, but we made a large impact on helping prevent something like this from happening again.









While having a Servant’s Heart makes up only one of Southwest’s great values, it is one that I hold dear to my heart. My short 12 weeks as an Intern have taught me to expand my Servant’s Heart in ways I never imagined possible, and I am eager and excited to take what I have learned and share it with the world.


PS: No documented cases of Poison Ivy from this event so far. Phew!


Special thanks to the Trinity Park Conservancy, Groundwork Dallas, and the City of Dallas for helping!