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Southwest Airlines Community

National Volunteer Week with Southwest

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At Southwest Airlines, our People create community wherever they are by volunteering their time, talent, and Heart.  This week is National Volunteer Week and we’re excited to highlight our incredible Employees who engage their skills to strengthen connections in the communities where they live, work, and serve.


We asked our Employees to submit photos that show how they devote their personal passions to champion causes and make impact and we were overwhelmed by the response.  Thank you to our incredible Employees for all you do to make a difference. 


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Southwest launched the Tickets for Time program in 2010 to support and appreciate our passionate Employee Volunteers. For every 40 hours of volunteer time our Employees (one or a team of many) contribute to a qualified 501c3 nonprofit organization or school and record in our volunteer system, that organization is eligible to receive domestic travel for one round trip flight, up to six per year.


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