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January 2014 Southwest Star of the Month: Diana Barth

Adventurer B
StarThe word “star” has a wide variety of definitions. You may think of people who shine on the silver screen, sing the latest Top 40 hits, dance the cha-cha, or all three. But at Southwest Airlines, people like Diana Barth are the ones who truly shine. After more than 23 years as an Employee with the LUV airline, Diana’s Fun-LUVing Attitude, Warrior Spirit, and Servant’s Heart make her our favorite kind of triple threat. Diana began her Southwest career as a Reservations Agent in Phoenix, assisting Customers over the phone. Several years later, she shifted her star power to the ticket counter as a Customer Service Agent. Not long after that move, Southwest began service to Spokane, Washington, where Diana has been a Customer Service Supervisor since day one. The relocation was not a tough one, as Spokane is where Diana was born and raised. Living there gives her the opportunity to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including bike riding in the spring and snowshoeing in the winter. She also LUVs spending time with her adult children, Whitney and Dillon, and is still a member of the booster club at the high school they attended. At the airport, “no two days are ever the same,” Diana says. There are occasionally irregular operations that require an extra level of attention, but she notes that the most challenging times can also be the most rewarding. “We are put in a position where we really need to react quickly and think outside of the box. “As Southwest Employees, we are encouraged to  color outside the lines,” Diana adds. “It’s not only OK  to have a sense of humor, it’s absolutely encouraged.”  This perspective is invaluable in her role supervising the Customer Service Agents in Spokane every day. Diana, we consider Employees like you our greatest asset. When it comes to “stars,” you’re the kind we LUV to look up to.