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Joy, Toys, and Kindness at Work


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Birthday Party Project—the official community partner of our 50th Anniversary—works with agencies across the country to bring children experiencing homelessness the gift of joy through birthday parties. To continue to showcase our commitment to Birthday Party Project and work towards our goal of sharing one Million Acts of Kindness, we recently teamed up with Interfaith Dallas, Tiff's Treats, and Southwest the Store® to throw a party for 45 kids in the Dallas area.


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Masks couldn’t hide the smiles on the faces of these deserving children! The kids bowled, played games, did crafts, enjoyed Tiff's Treats, and went home with school supplies. It was a great way to celebrate the end of summer and get ready for the school year.


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In June, our Employees put their Hearts in Action to support Birthday Party Project through a Companywide toy drive. More than 1,500 Southwest Employees from over 50 Southwest locations donated gifts valued at more than $50,000. The generosity of our Employees truly made an impact on these children and will continue to do so for so many others!


Interested in getting involved with Birthday Part Project or becoming a Birthday Enthusiast? Learn more


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