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Liquid Free Travel Tips

Adventurer C
Edward wrote about life after traveling without liquids. I would agree and even say my travel experience has actually improved. Security has been easier now that the word is out on acceptable carry on items. As a commuter, you find little things that make the travel experience go a little smoother. Since I travel primarily to one location, I make things easier by keeping a bag with my make up, hairspray and tennis shoes at my desk in Dallas. That makes packing easier and lighter. Automation has also helped keep the necessary travel stuff quick and easy like flight status messaging, flight status online, 24 hour online checkin and wireless checkin. I did find a list of potentially helpful "accepted forms" of items that wouldn't make it past security in their normal liquid state. Heck, I think I'm buying the cake mascara to check it out. Anyone have alternatives for hairspray other than flat hair? Any other helpful travel tips that you've found? Hotels that provide hair gel, contact solution, toothpaste amenities? Meetings without hairspray? Fellow Road Warriors, share your ingenuity, resourcefulness, and stories.